Cardamom Benefits: Reasons Why You Should Add This To Your Diet.

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Cardamom sometimes cardamon or cardamom is native to India subcontinents and Indonesia. This spice made from the seeds of several plants in amomum in the family Zingiberaceae is commonly used in Indian, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern cuisine. Both forms of cardamom ( green and black) used as a flavouring in both drink and food and it has also made its way into Ayurvedic medicine as a treatment, it may lower blood pressure, for mouth ulcers, prevent cavities, digestive problems, antibacterial effects, and even depression. It’s well worth adding cardamom to your food for the flavor alone or many other benefits such as it nourish your scalp and improve its health especially the black type, but these health benefits are also something to consider whenever you break out the spices.


Cardamom is related to ginger and also the same way effective so it can be used in much the same way to counteract digestive problems. Use it to combat hair health, bad breath, nausea, acidity, bloating, gas, heartburn, loss of appetite, constipation, and much more.


This spice helps the body eliminate waste through the kidneys and further, it stimulates the kidneys to remove urea, uric acid, excess water, and other waste products which further encourage more balanced health.


In India, they chew cardamom after meals or whenever they need to freshen their breath because it is the best remedy to treat bad breath naturally.


There are many health benefits of cardamom. Among all one of its greater benefits is that it works as Detoxifier and the reason cardamom is such a good detoxifier is thanks to the diuretic properties. It helps clean out the urinary tract, bladder, and kidneys, removing waste, and combating infections too.


The science behind the antidepressant qualities of cardamom hasn’t been studied yet, but because of it’s aromatic power Ayurvedic medicine swears by the cardamom tea as a means to fight depression.

Oral Health

Not only it helps to treat bad breath, but cardamom is also used for mouth ulcers and infections of the mouth as well as throat due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Cardamom is widely used in Indian, Swedish and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Cold and Flu

Especially the black form of cardamom spice help prevent and relieve cold and flu symptoms as it is rich in antioxidants and antiseptic so It’s also used for bronchitis and coughs.


It has been signified to reduce or decrease azoxymethane-induced colon carcinogenesis by the goodness of its anti-national inflammatory and proapoptotic activities. Few Animal studies are showing promise that cardamom protects against, inhibits growth, and even kills some cancers.

Blood Pressure

As a diuretic rich spice, cardamom significantly lowers blood pressure, there were studies done and it was demonstrated that its antioxidant and diuretic properties helpful for people with high blood pressure.

Blood Clots

So you have got this idea reaching to this line that Cardamom’s being rich in diuretic and fiber provides us with a lot of benefits, one of that is that it prevents dangerous blood clots by preventing platelet aggregation and the sticking to the artery walls.


Many of the vitamins, phytonutrients, and essential oils in cardamom act as antioxidants, cleaning up free radicals and resisting cellular aging and which further is very good for our skin.


The volatile essential oils in cardamom inhibit the growth of viruses, bacteria, fungus and with this lot of benefits, it is one of the best spices to add in your daily diet.


just Like ginger and turmeric, its relatives, cardamom is rich in anti-inflammatory properties which helps reduce or limit pain and swelling, especially in mucus membranes.


sometimes hiccups can be very irritating and we always look for some natural remedies to treat it or to fight with it and here comes Cardamom. It is an anti-spasmodic that can help treat hiccups. This also applies to other involuntary muscle spasms, like the stomach and intestinal cramps so add this to your diet weather as a drink or food from today.

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