Ways To Boost Your Brain Power

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Don’t We all want to sharpen our focus, enhance our memory, and improve our concentration? But still, if you believe what you read online is true, you’d think you need special, dietary supplements, online games, and various apps to do it. It’s more than enough to make one’s brain hurt. But don’t always believe the hype. You don’t need any special vitamins or flashcards or tinfoil headgear to enhance your brain’s performance. Here are four simple, everyday tips and four common foods that will help you increase your brain and memory power naturally.

Teach Your Brain Some New Tricks

Despite the hype, crossword puzzles and online games and continued attending to the screen by themselves will not boost your brain. But learning to something new will. Researchers had older people to try some different activities, but only those who learned a new skill, such as quilting, showed significant improvement in brain function. The brain is the same as a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets. To find a new hobby that excites and challenges you and puts your brain on some work. Pick up a musical instrument, try a new language, or play chess on the computer. Just like you do the yoga or gym daily, take some challenges with your brain as well.

Exercise Your Muscles Daily and Strengthen Your Brain

You all are aware that Exercise gets the blood flowing. Also, the exercise helps your brain get the oxygen and nutrients it needs for top performance. There is research found that people who rode a stationary bike or walked on a treadmill for 30-60 minutes, three times a week, had improved blood flow to the area of the brain that deals with memory retention. And After 12 weeks, they did better on memory tests. Other types of exercise can be helpful as well. Yoga three times a week has been found to improve brain function in older adults.

You May Not Lose If You Snooze

After all that hard brain work, we all deserve a nap. And it will be good for you, too! A nap is a great way to reboot your tired brain in the afternoon, charge yourself up for the rest of the day, and lighten your mood. A 20-minute snooze—often called a power nap—is a great way to enhance motor skills and attention. An hour to 90 minutes of napping helps make new connections in the brain and can help with solving creative problems. Napping between 20 and 90 minutes may also help, but you may feel clumsy when you wake up.

Go All Nuts and Chocolate

Here is good news that Nuts and seeds are good sources of the antioxidant vitamin E.  In some studies, that’s been found to reduce cognitive decline as you age. Dark chocolate – Nit only delicious – also has powerful antioxidant properties. (Plus a little caffeine to perk you up.) You don’t need a lot – just an ounce a day of nuts and dark chocolate will give you the boost you want and your brain the energy it wants and not to mention the cheer up with the taste.

If you come across more ways to boost brainpower, do comment below, so we can add it to the list. We hope this article helps the cause.

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