Plants With Skin Benefits

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Natural skincare remedies are very famous and used by millions around the world. They help to remove blemishes and scars naturally and from the root, heal conditions, and leave the skin feeling soft and nourished, unlike other chemical treatments. And that way you’ll feel more confident and less worry about how chemicals added and how much it is going to affect you after treatment.

And when you read that plants are also one of the natural remedies for your skin, I know you will be overjoyed because you are getting two benefits with one thing. The joy of planting a plant and watching it grow and other is to remedy your skin problems. Now you just need to find the best plants for you and with that I can help.

Here is the list of the plants that offer skincare benefits. Most of them you can grow in your own home or garden, even if you just have an apartment balcony.

Plant Cilantro

Cilantro serves best if you have white or blackheads. All you need is very little preparation to work on the infected pimples to fight against the bacteria and get rid of them.

Mix some fresh cilantro leaves with some lemon juice and place it directly on the pimples or wound. Also, Make sure you avoid open wounds and allow them to heal a little. Leave them on the pimples for about five minutes and then rinse completely to protect the rest of the skin from the acid within the lemon juice.

Plant Aloe vera

I am sure you must have heard about this plant and about its benefits many times before. This is one of those natural products that are regularly placed into over the counter options. However, you can gain far more benefits by going directly to the plant, as all of us try to avoid other added chemicals as much as possible.
Aloe vera includes vitamins C and E to fight against free radical damage and protect the skin cells, as well as vitamin A to improve collagen production. There is also potassium, folic acid, zinc, and so much more. These vitamins and minerals surely do magic with your skin and your skin will look and feel healthy.

If you have burns or insect bites, you’ll be able to use aloe vera directly to relieve the pain. The gel-like substance will help to offer instant relief and reduce inflammation.

The best part about the aloe plant is that it is very easy to use. You can squeeze the gel-like substance within the leaves directly onto the affected area and rub it right in. Treat blisters, sunburn, bites, and other problems directly.

If you want to moisturize the skin with it, add some aloe vera to olive or coconut oil. Apply all over your body and leave to soak in completely. There’s no need to wash this off afterward.

Plant Roses

Of course, there are the benefits of vitamin C in rose petals. Vitamin C will work with your immune system to repair oxidative stress damage to the cells. It will also fight against the bacteria that cause acne breakouts.

Put some rose petals into water or oil and create a toner for your face. You’ll feel and see the results within days, and it’s one of those treatments that can be used daily.

Plant mint

Boil the mint leaves and then allow the water to cool until it’s good to put your feet or hands directly into it. You can also add mint to your bath water and soak in the healing water. Another option is mixing the mint with some honey and oatmeal to create a home mask to fight against the acne on your face and get the natural glow as well.

Mint is great

As for the skin, thyme (and other members of the Lamiaceae family) will add more phenols to your skin. Phenols help to kill the bacteria that causes pimples and acne daily. It will get right into your pores to get rid of the problematic microscopic life forms to make sure they don’t grow and accumulate, causing white and blackheads.

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